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The role of two stage screw press


 Two stage screw press regards a screw and nut as a transmission mechanism, and by the flywheel screw drive forward and reverse rotary motion into reciprocating slide down forging machinery. When screw press working, the electric motor to rotate the flywheel to accelerate energy savings, through the screw, nut push the slider downwards. When the slider contacts the workpiece, is forced to decelerate to a complete stop of the flywheel, into rotational kinetic energy of the impact energy stored by the slider against the workpiece to deform. After the fight, the flywheel motor reversing, driving the slider to rise back to its original position.
The lower part of the general screw press forgings are equipped with top of the device. Both screw press forging hammer, forging machinery and other mechanical presses role, universal and strong, can be used for forging, stamping, deep drawing processes. Furthermore, screw press, friction press particularly simple structure, easy to manufacture, it is widely used. Screw press drawback is lower productivity and mechanical efficiency.