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how to use screw oil press machine


How to use screw oil press machine(1)

First, before the start Note:The inner tank and add a little clean hydraulic oil; check all parts of the bolts are loose; check the line connection is correct;

Second, how to use oil press machine:

1. Preheat former oil extraction every time, preheat temperature: summer, autumn and 50 degrees -70 degrees, winter and spring of 70 degrees -90 degrees. Preheating system without turning off the automatic control temperature control switch.

 2. Hold the pull handle on the top plate on the roof fully open and working position of 180 degrees to the bottom of the pad pressing jamb good cushion, the Pistons fell into place and set aside.
3. Each empty before pressing machines running 1-2 minutes, such as winter and spring, hydraulic oil thickens empty machine should run for 5-10 minutes, the oil thinning, easy to operate.
4. The oil has been fried, drained smoke, put them into the oil press machine
5. In the upper pad good extra virgin oil tang mat, the spacer plate on the jamb upper pressing plane pushed into the virgin Tang. If less oil, the oil can be increased at boot time, so keep the oil at the end face on a plane slightly lower than virgin Tang, otherwise do not meet on the roof. Lift the manual valve handle child, boot press.