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Four performance characteristics of small screw press


Small screw press is widely used in edible oil processing industry, it has a complex structure, high working efficiency, small footprint and so on. Screw press has many advantages, described briefly below its main features:
( 1 ) Product quality control
Energy can be simply and accurately the pressing preset by the servo driver did not cause changes in the friction clutch, the servo motor controlling the rotational speed of the flywheel directly, so the pressure can be accurate and precise embodiment, the basic error of the pressure increase does not occur . Set the number of strikes and the crackdown accurate, and provided with brick thickness detection function, so that the product density and thickness are up to user demand, product quality stability and consistency .
( 2 ) A high degree of automation, saving staff
By setting the crackdown against the speed, the number of strikes to complete the light pressure exhaust - > first light after blow - > the bricks. Process control molding process, push-button operation, no operator presses mature . Both to reduce a person, but also reduces the labor intensity can be achieved automatic weighing feeding, automatic molding, automatic brick fool the whole process automatic control .
( 3 ) Good safety performance
By converting the rotational energy of the servo motor, electrical energy accumulates, the motor brake, and turn away from the brake through zero speed . By pushing the friction plate cylinder produces mechanical friction brake on the flywheel, high safety factor. In the normal course of suppression of the product, if the slider under unusual circumstances, you can press the emergency stop buttons, sliders can quickly rise back to the top dead center . Stripping can be used outside the machine, to better ensure the safety of operating personnel . According to customer demand for increased safety grating infrared, it can quickly determine whether a foreign body below the slider .
( 4 ) Economic energy
Screw press compared to traditional friction press saving more than 60%. Motor driven by a belt drive flywheel, the slider up and down linear motion, movement, starting current ; when not in motion, no power consumption. Servo motor driven machine without clutch structure, power outages and other emergency brake nor consumption, maintenance costs are extremely savings. Plus the pressure generated in the frame, there is no excessive vibration on the ground, the ground can be inexpensive to implement infrastructure projects. Motor runs more smoothly than conventional motors and switched reluctance, low noise, high accuracy.