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Introduction about three sesame oil extraction process


Sesame oil press machine ,which is also known as sesame oil , and sesame oil press is mainly used for processing of individual home press . Hydraulic press belongs to a hydraulic automatic press , and yield little , but easy. Automatic hydraulic oil press is the easiest to operate the mechanical press , the highest oil yield , replacement of wearing parts at least a small press, sesame oil is the alternative to manual operation of the most advanced equipment. Sesame oil extraction machine main processing oil crops are: sesame , walnut, almond high oil crops.

 Three sesame oil extraction process :
( 1 ) Fried blank : fried after wetting is blank , the preform blank evaporated after drying to water for the process , the purpose is to make the preform in the water sufficiently volatile . Usually fried blank time of less than 20 minutes , fry is 1.5% -2 % water content , the temperature is about 130 degrees , can be pressed into the material .
( 2 ) Steam blank: refers semi blank after heating the green body in a very short time to spray steam directly into the juice to become familiar with the process of the blank . Its purpose is to make cooked blanks with the most appropriate plasticity and resistance to maximize oil yield .
( 3 ) It should be based on the situation of peanut oil , adjust the juice into cooked slab moisture and temperature . Peanut head and said squeezing juice into the water of 5.5 % -7 % , squeezed into a temperature 100-105 ℃; Erdao should press 9% -10% of the juice into the water , into juice temperature around 105 ℃.