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Slag problems arise in Screw press pressing process


When using screw oil press, whether hot or cold pressed extra virgin , fuel moisture content due to improper operation or adjustment should not be , there will be a different problem. Screw press pressing process is more complex, the need to pay attention to the process prone to problems .
When running, it occurs the slag crushing, screw press, oil press at the time , if a small amount of slag run phenomenon is a normal phenomenon ( slag allowed to run up to 5% ) . If you run a large amount of slag , you need to be adjusted . From the perspective of oil , fuel moisture content inappropriate , too dry or too wet , ran slag phenomenon occurs , fuel is too wet , the investigation of the platoon ran into a sheet cake out of a relatively soft hand grip lumps, the flow of oil has white foam. If the oil is too dry , powdery residue of row ran out into a white cake flour, poor flow of oil , the oil inside the gap should be less virgin bore . That is when some of the strips of the bear , the last one of the row to hand hammering people park on 100-type press row compression nut should be tightened more.
Screw press pressing has rational design, manufacturing quality and reliable , with beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy operation, small footprint, labor, energy saving features. Since the majority of oil crops can be realized once virgin net , dry cake residual rate, and continuous pressing system , thus crushing speed, high production efficiency, low energy consumption , the oil rate. Oil press pressing system applicable to all kinds of oil crops, mainly used in pressing system sesame, peanut, rapeseed , sunflower , flax , soybeans and other oilseeds.