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Soybean oil refining to maintain the biological properties of the oil


 Edible oil refining is divided into a variety of processes, oil refining generally include deacidification, bleaching, deodorization , dewaxing , degreasing processes , soybean oil refining processes including degumming , deacidification , bleaching and deodorization .
Following is a brief introduction of soybean oil processing process :
Soybean → pretreatment ( screening →crushing→gravity→stoner→soybean→softening pretreatment ( screening → crushing→gravity→stoner→softening→steam flaking fried → leaching ( stripping → distillation → drying ) → not degummed crude oil .
Typically, the press and other physical crushing, taken brewed , crushing, and leaching the water -generation plant extract Ouzhi departure is called crude oil, which contain different amounts of non- triglyceride material , using a series of means to classification of these substances in order to improve oil quality , value and guarantee the same refining process known as refining and storage stability .
The purpose is not only to refine these substances five triglyceride separation, and should preserve their biological properties , especially some of the larger components of value, on the refining process done properly adjusted.