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Main structure of vertical hydraulic oil press machine


Vertical hydraulic oil press machine is for peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, tea seed corn germ. Cottonseed and other raw materials, machinery, hydraulic oil press with optimized hydraulic transmission. Has the power to save the little noise. Automation into high, low labor intensity,failure rate and so on.
Meanwhile hydraulic oil press  also adopts PLC system computer interface operation. Can be achieved with the exclusion of signal analysis and fault diagnosis and parameter settings to ensure the best operation effect of Unique pressure form. Traffic computer control system by increasing the pressure. Use plus when excess fluid pressure. converted to power. pressure machine down at the end of the high cost, large capacity, capacity sizes for rural and small external processing plant oils, can also be squeezed in the city now, but also in the city squeezed and sold, so that the majority of customers enjoy their oil.

vertical hydraulic oil press machine