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Several main structures of Stoning Machine


Stoning Machine is basically a relatively small proportion of local products, works with gravity machines similar to removing objects outside very dense material, stones, dirt and small clump of metal moving (high) to the rear of the machine, good material to in front of the screen surface moves (low-end), in addition to stone heavier materials as separate from food grains and other dry granular materials, and like a stone, glass, metal and so on.
Henan Wanda briefly outline some of the main structural stoner:
1, Feed inlet,
2, The feed hopper;
3, Feed hand wheel adjustment;
4, The air guide plate,
5, The discharge port
6, Into the air conditioning apparatus;
7, Fans;
8, The eccentric drive mechanism;
9, The stone mouth;
10, Selected rooms;
11, Boom;
12, Uniform wind board:
13, Stone screen surface;
14, The buffer uniform flow plate suction proportion to its structure and stone-blown basically the same, but without their own fans, the screen surface is equipped with air-tight stoner good suction hood and suction tubes, and the wind plant network fan phase, when the job is dust, linen, and therefore use more.