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A new type of rotary roaster


Rotary roaster is mainly composed by the delivery tube feed head, furnace, rotary furnace tube furnace tube rotary drive systems, unloading mechanism, temperature control system, which the furnace insulation, heating system and furnace composed of rotary furnace tube located in the furnace, wherein said furnace tube circumference of the tube cross-section separated into at least two cavities , each cavity axially connected.
This rotary roaster tube of the rotary kiln is divided into a plurality of separate cavities calcined material, heating the material within the cavity along the wall of the distribution of firing , the firing process to overcome the accumulation of the majority of the material are lower furnace tube defects, adequate use of the rotary furnace wall heat transfer efficiency and furnace roasting space and improve the handling capacity and reduce energy consumption.
Rotary roaster equipment shows an energy-saving environmental protection, new firing device, which is made by the transformation of traditional baking , making slightly roaster feed inlet spout, set in a rotating roaster roasting tooling assembly, rotating baking tooling assembly is mounted on the bracket roaster oven, roaster outside the welding gear, the gear is connected to the furnace bracket, while the roaster set on the external speed motor, speed reducer motor is connected to the gear box by. The utility model process is simple, easy processing, easy assembly, based on the available energy, improve product quality and yield .