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Three types of oil press used during oil pressing


Oil pressing is an indispensable work in edible oil processing industry,because cooking oil is a necessity in people's lives . The type of press is varied, you can choose the right press for different purposes, so choosing the right press is very important. Following is a brief look at several types of oil pressing work used oil press.
( 1 ) Oil pressure mechanism
Hydraulic oil press is also known as hydraulic oil extraction mechanism has now been replaced by the basic helix oil extraction mechanism oil. It is a static oil, the oil is low, single energy is small, numerous and large area devices, workshops need insulation, poor operating conditions . However, the oil pressure mechanism has a simple structure, the provincial power advantages.
( 2 ) Hydraulic cold-pressed oil press
Energy efficient oil press is squeezing traditional principles and modern technology combine high compared with the general press efficient, environmentally friendly energy, high value-added products, no loss, no noise, physical squeezing without heating, without adding any chemical raw material, without edible vegetable oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life.
( 3 ) Hydraulic oil press
Transmission oil pressure hydraulic oil press is so in the static pressure of the oil press . The pressure of the hydraulic press, once the oil is high, fewer moving parts, easy maintenance ; But cake handling of labor intensity is higher.
( 4 ) Screw oil press
Screw oil press is to make the blanks in the pressing chamber continuously move forward, squeezing in a dynamic role in the extraction of crude oil in the machinery. In addition to the feed hopper, the virgin bore a major part of the job by pressing screw shaft and a cylindrical cage pressed components. The press has a smooth surface of the slag cake burger institutions, and often accompanied by steaming wok, fry and steam oil can press continuously.