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Five types of screw press method


Screw press has complex structure, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance. In addition to material inlet and outlet open, the rest can be sealed closed, the material will not spill, reduce air pollution.Screw press machine equipment for the grill, the fish grill machine by machine press dirt to reduce its moisture and volume. Following is a brief introduction about the five screw press method.
1, Sesame : Before pressing the seeds into the fry light gray, burst phenomenon, Yong Shounie seeds have oil outflow, Broiling fierce speculation with fire when the temperature 120-150 degrees, cake thickness O.7-1.5 mm, Broiling is right, the smooth flow of oil cake, almost no oil residue, as long cake shape, drain again .
2, Rapeseed : Because raw water varies from north to south, the former fry plus 4-6 %, the South does not increase ( based on how much water the raw material itself may be), first with hot rapeseed Scoop fierce fire, the sound began to burst So far, sub- fry over low heat canola opening film brownish red, Broiling process, not add water, when pressed into the rapeseed temperature 120-130 degrees, about 1-1.5 % moisture Broiling is appropriate, available from flow of oil out of the state pie observed . Broiling is right, the smooth flow of oil cake, almost no oil residue . Cake thickness l-1.5 mm, were small pieces, brown-red .
3, Peanuts : Before fried peanuts soaked seeds will again Broiling process should also add the right amount of moisture, so Jen maintain good flexibility and adequate moisture, the benevolence Scoop eight mature, reach Ren Ren Yong Shounie, skin separation, broken into two to Jen pressed into pie thick O.7mm, pie -shaped elongated wrinkles, oil smoothly.
4, Cottonseed : Before pressed into the oil and fry yellow, a temperature of 120 to 130 degrees, cake thickness 1-1.5mm.
5, Soybeans : fry before bursting into juice edible temperature 120-130 degrees, cake thick O.7mm. Drain again, but again the focus is too drained cake material to a large protein loss . Process methods commonly used twice drained of . Soybean fry six, seven mature into juice temperature 80-100 ° C, moisture 5-6 %, the first pass cake thickness 1.52mm, the second time the cake thick O.7mm, the cake is a long strip -shaped wrinkles, oil is high, the processing quantity .