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6YY-280-460×670 Hydraulic Oil Press

  • Model(single tank): 6YY-280-460×670
  • Theoretical squeezing force(KN): 3386
  • Working Pressure(MPa): 55
  • Press tank diameter(mm): 460
  • Press tank height(mm): 670
  • Press tank capacity(L): 111
  • Main motor Power
  • Theoretical pressure on the cake surface(MPa): 20.3
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6YY-280-460×670 Hydraulic Oil Press

6YY-280-460×670 Hydraulic Oil Press
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■ Introduction

6YY-280-460×670 series hydraulic oil press

Operating principle

The main operating principle is put the mobile press tank under the cylinder pressure plateof oil press,Using the power component---ultrahigh pressure high and low pressure combined pump,control components--- hydraulic valve ,working component--- hydraulic cylinder to convert hydraulic energy to mechanical energy, through the electric contact pressure gauge and time relay control,complete the press process of loading,prepress of oil plants, automatic press cake step up step by step,press by pressure maintaining and outlet cake.

■ Technical Data

6YY-280-460×670 main technical parameters:

Model(single tank) Theoretical squeezing force(KN) Working Pressure(MPa) Press tank diameter(mm) Press tank height(mm) Press tank capacity(L) Main motor Power (KW) Theoretical pressure on the cake surface(MPa)
6YY-280-460×670 3386 55 460 670 111 2.2 20.3
■ Details

6YY-280-460×670 advantage
6YY series hydraulic oil press take advanced technology of domestic and overseas, apply Computer Aided Design, use super high pressure hydraulic system, the maxium pressure could reached 55MPa, press pressure could reached 340T.The products are reasonably structured, easy operation, safe and reliable, saving energy and proctecting environment, low labor intensity.The operator only need simply trainning. The products are efficient production, high oil extraction ratio,low residual oil ratio in the dry cake,this products is new automatic hydraulic oil press equipment.

Range of application
The 6YY series automatic hydraulic oil press,which are new designed and produced by our company, main processing oil plants like peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds, tea seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, castor seeds, sesame seeds, rice bran, maize germ, flaxseeds, camellia seeds etc. Forbidden to press non oil plants, or else it will destroy the equipment or cause accidents.

6YY-280-460×670 Structure
The oil press is consist of three parts: 1. Host machine, 2.Hydraulic system, 3. Electric control system.

1.Host machine
(1)Host machine is consist of rack, hydraulic cylinder, pressure plate, lift cylinder rod, mobile press tank, mobile oil receiver, limited rod, hanging cylinder hook, operation counter and hydraulic power pack. See the host structure diagram.

(2)Host structure diagram


2.Hydraulic system connection diagram, control cabinet, operating system diagram




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