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3T/D batch oil refining equipment

  • Equipment name: Refining tank
  • Spec/Model: LYYG120
  • Quantity: 2
  • Power(KW): 2.4/1.5×2
  • Materia: 304
  • Remark: Double speed motor
  • 3T/D  oil refining
  • 3T/D  oil refining 2

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3T/D  oil refining
■ Introduction

Main process: filtering, hydration degumming), neutral (acid), adsorption (bleaching), frozen (de-wax, de-stearic), distillation (deodorization), etc.
Process classification: depending on the oil, the production process different crude oil, customer demand for products of different, the size of the processing and refining method is different, our company's refining equipment is divided into three types: batch refining equipment and semi continuous refining equipment and continuous refining equipment.

A, intermittent refining equipment characteristics:

1, small investment income is fast, suitable for small-scale production. 

2, saving space, flexible operation, saving labor cost.

3, suitable for a variety of oil refining, business development for users.

4, with chemical method and physical method of refining process, a large into the improvement of the quality of the product.

5. independent design, the refining stage, late to expand the scale of production. 

6, disadvantages: small capacity, heat loss is big, refined oil rate is low.




1, two refining pot interactive division of work or work at the same time, accelerate the refining speed

2, decoloring can work under vacuum, automatic suction adsorbent (clay). 

3, self-discharging filter, filter mechanization clay, without manual operation. 

4, deodorization tank of 304 stainless steel material, guarantee the quality of the oil; Built-in double coil heating cooling integration. 

5, salting out tank used in refined oil soap the feet, get some oil, reduce the wastage of the products.

6, heat conduction oil furnace fit with steam generator, no need to match the steam boiler. 

7, other supplemental equipment compressor, vacuum pump, all kinds of infusion pump, 

electric control cabinet and installation materials operation platform, etc. All included; Users do not need to purchase other equipment,


B, main equipment and uses

1, the production of rice bran oil are mostly from leaching process, and as a result of the raw material storage time is different, its high acid value, build just the whole process of physical refining, and advantages of low loss product quality is good. The wax content of rice bran oil on the 3-5% so you must configure dewaxing process. Rice bran oil soap stock of fatty acid sodium content more than 40%, can be used in the production of laundry soap.
2 ,palm oil(pulp oil) and palm kernel oil (nut oil) of two kinds of oil processing technology is different, have different fatty acid composition and physical properties. Refining method is roughly similar, but specific operation have very big difference.
3, crude oil storage time not too long, to prevent the acid value increase, affect the quality of the hair oil and refined oil rate.



Recommended choice: physical refining refined process, has the economic, efficient, simple operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, and the advantages of easy processing wastewater.

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