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■ Introduction

Daily processing capacity over 50 tons, should choose standardized processing technology, equipped standard or higher standard equipment, to achieved maximum oil yield, maximum profit and comprehensive usage.
After comprehensive oil plant pre-processing,can choose press technology(hot press,cold press), press-extraction technology,pre-press-extraction technology, direct extraction technology. According to oil plants character, oil extraction technology, product quality standard, comprehensive usage of oil plants, investment scale etc. variety factor related, so there have many projects can be chose.
The oil plants pre processing is the start point of oil extraction processing, including storage,drying,cleaning,crushing,shelling or peeling,tempering,rolling compact,steam frying and puffing etc.Each step affect the oil yield, final oil quality and oil cake quality.According different oil plant,processing goal and different oil contains, the pre- processing steps are different. Our company master the different oil plants process methods, especially good at drying,soybean peeling,peanut red coat peeling,softing,pressing,puffing etc. technology are advanced.
Purpose of pre processing: made best structure,high oil extraction rate preform; get best quality oil and cake; improve equipment processing capacity, decrease energy consumption and improve economic profit.

1.Adopt flexible processing combination, same technology can process different oil plants.
2.Considered by-product comprehensive usage.
3.Adopt peeling and low temperature new technology, could assure high protein and lowest degeneration.
4.For the raw material of hard extraction,high powder or demand improve production capacity, use puffing process, decrease residue oil and solvent consumption, improve the produce capacity 50-80%.
5.The feature that influencing the oil extraction rate can divide in two kind:
a.Oil plant: including oil contains,impurities contains,raw material size,moisture,temperature and oil plant cell damage level.
b.Machine: including mechanical pressure,pressing machine,pressing temperature, bed of material height and oil discharge resistance.

The choice of equipment and technology must consider the above feature, solve the main problem, thus achieve the goal of high efficiency,high capacity, low consumption and automatic.

To satisfy the customer needs, maximum the customer profit, our company on the basis of processing technology reasonable and low equipment cost, design and produce different technology and equipment for the most popular oil plants. Supply one oil plant with many technology, one technology process different oil plants, one technology for many equipment, maximum satisfied the customer needs.

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