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pre press 1

pre press 1
■ Introduction

According to the variety of the oil seeds,kinds of equipment,different requirement of customer,the small oil processing technology can divide into a lot of combination.Main process including shelling,screening, frying,pressing and filtering.

Brief introduction of small oil pressing technology:(transporting equipment: bucket elevator,screw conveyor)
1.Rapeseed,soybean--frying machine--oil press--crude oil--oil refining
Rapeseed,soybean--magnetic selection--screen selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--after filtering crude oil--oil refining
2.Peanut seeds--frying machine--oil press--edible oil
Peanut seeds--selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--edible oil
Peanut seeds--sheller--selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--edible oil
3.Cotton seeds--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--crude oil-- oil refining
Cotton seeds--sheller--selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--crude oil--oil refining.
4.Sunflower seeds--frying machine--oil press--edible oil
Sunflower seeds--magnetic selection--screen selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--edible oil
5.Sesame seeds--frying machine--oil press--edible oil
Sesame seeds--magnetic selection--screen selection machine--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--edible oil
6.Olive--crusher--hydraulic oil press--filter--water&oil separator--edible olive oil
7.Copra--pellet crusher--frying machine--oil press--oil filter--crude oil.
8.Palm fruit--sterilization--crushing&frying--oil press--oil filter--crude oil--oil refining
Palm fruit--sterilization--crushing&frying--oil press--oil filter--crude oil--oil refining--fractionation
9.Rice bran--cleaning--frying machine--oil press--crude rice bran oil--oil refining
Rice bran--cleaning--water adding--pellet machine--dryer--extraction plant--crude rice bran oil--oil refining--fractionation

Suggestion choice:
1.Personal use:small capacity processing factory,no matter the oil plant is single kind or variety kind, choose the technology according to the oil extraction rate, less investment profit quickly.
2.Small scale processing: middle capacity, variety oil plants,must consider the comprehensive economic efficiency,the auxiliary equipment should equipped completely, the main machine should be suitable to variety oil plants. Thus improve the total profit.
3.Middle scale processing: first should consider the switching process of different oil plants, second should select high automatic equipment, reduce the personnel cost, improve the production rate.

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