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Olive Oil Processing Line

  • Fruit washer: 1000kg-2000kg
  • Fruit crusher: 40-2000kg
  • Vertical mixer: 50-1000L
  • Horizontal two phase centrifuge: 1000-3000L
  • Plate type precision filter: 1000-4000L
  • Olive Oil Processing Line

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Olive Oil Processing Line

Olive Oil Processing Line
■ Introduction

A.Olive oil extraction
Our company focus on produce virgin olive oil equipment. Mainly including: hydraulic equipment,two phases and three phases separation equipment.
Oil extraction technology: olive fruit-->cleaning,crushing,grinding--> pressing/separating(two or three phases)--> virgin olive oil --> storage

Flow Chart of Processing :

Flow chart description:
a.Cleaning: the olive fruit need separate the leaves and dust through blow area and then wash
b.Crushing: put olive fruit into crusher to crush the cell which contains oil
c.Mixing:Grinding the olive fruit into mash, the squeeze to base, finally push into cold press.
d.Cold press: Cold press usually is hydraulic method,or bigh separation machine, the cold press get the olive juice and olive oil, because the temperature through this step can not above 35 centigrade, so it called “cold press”,after cold press the residue is fibriform olive residue.
e.Separation: use centrifugal equipment separate the olive oil from the fruit juice, and filling in the asepsis workshop within 3 hours, then storage keep away from heat and light.

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