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Hotel soap production line

  • Model: WD-1000
  • Capacity (Kg): 1000-1500
  • Power(Kw): 66Kw,380v,50Hz
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Workers: 8-10
  • Hotel soap production line
  • Hotel soap supply
  • Hotel soap production
  • Hotel soap production line
  • Hotel soap line

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Hotel soap production line

Hotel soap production line
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■ Introduction

Toilet Soap Production Line

This  soap production line regard soap noodles as raw materials or palm oil .The production starts with mixing soap noodles or palm oil . Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three  roller mill by conveyor belt, where soap thin sheets are made. The soap thin sheet then converted into desired long strip soap by the plodder machine.Then the long strip soap are cut into the soap bars required size by cutting machine(there are two kinds of cutting machine.One is mechanical.The other is automatic).Finally, the soap bars gets packed by packing machine if needed.



It is multi-functional; 

Perfect design ; 

it is easy to operate. 

Output is controllable 

■ Technical Data

WD-1000 Toilet Soap Production Line Technical Parameter:

Model WD-1000
Capacity (Kg) 1000-1500
Power(Kw) 66Kw,380v,50Hz
Material SS304
Workers 8-10 people
Size of work place 50m*12m*7m

■ Details

Main Machines Involved for making Soap

1.Oil unit

Used for clean oil to suitable for making soap.

2.  Mixer

Used for mixing soap noodles.

3. Three  Roller  Mill

Used for grinding soap noodles into thin sheets.

4. Plodder (Extruder) Machine

Used for molding the sheets into long strip soap of required shape.

5. Cutting Machine

Used for cutting the long strip  soap into soap bar that is desired size .

6. Packing machine:

individually packed in plastic wrapper,or loose-packed (such as 5bars) in one shrinkage bag. 


Available Complete Set of Soap Making Machine

1)capacity: 500—1000KG/Hour

2)capacity: 1000—2000KG/Hour

3)capacity: 2000—3000KG/Hour



As many years experiences of soap making machines,we can provide soap making machine according to each buyer's special requirements.For more information about our machine,please contact us!

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