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How to maintain the oil press? Before using oil press, you should first prepare all assistive devices and containers, check and adjust belt tightness. Then start the motor, let the machine empty running about 15min to check pressing screw shaft speed.   

1, All parts should be lubricated to prevent intrusion of dust and other debris, each year need to check the gearbox oil quality at least once, if found the oil quality turned bad, should replace all the oil.   

2, After the machine opearting every 50 hours, should check the lubrication, gear box oil blanks above shall not be short of oil, screw hole filling of butter, dry grinding is strictly prohibited.  

3, when production quality was reduced, the cake or the oil is not normal, should get out screw shaft, check the pressing screw, cage bars, the cake outlet wear, worn parts should be replaced.  

4, At the end of the production season, for long-term storage, it should be serviced once and pressing worms, cage bars, cake outlet should be washed, re-oiled and storage at dry place.  

5, After the end of each work shift, should remove residual cake, clean the machine surface dirt and grease.

How to opeating the screw oil press? Before use oil press, you should prepare all assistive devices and containers, check and adjust belt tightness. Then start the motor, make the machine empty running about 15min to check pressing screw shaft speed. Average speed should be around in 33dmin.Take care when the machine empty running whether the gears meshing gear box sound is normal or not, the bearing parts and motors are normal or not. When the oil press empty running, the motor current should be about 3A. If current is too high, you should immediately stop and checks, adjustments and then start again.

After the check the empty running of the oil press, prepare 50kg soybean or rapeseed, ready for feed. Note: at first the feeding speed can not be too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the pressing chamber, pressing screw shaft can not rotate, causing blockage of pressing chamber, and even squeeze cage broken, cause a serious accident.Thus at the beginning of press, the feeding speed should be evenly slowly put into the hopper, for running-in of the oil press. So repeatedly, sustained more than 3 ~ 4h, the oil press temperature gradually increased, and even take smoke (this is normal). At first chamber temperature is low, slow twist, withered section stud on the handle to increase the thickness of the cake.Until the pressing chamber temperature rose to about 90 ℃, after the normal operation oil press maintenance of common sense, the thickness of the cake can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the fastening nut.

After the machine opeating normally, the outlet oil of high oil content oilseeds are mostly concentrated in the former group of cage bar and circle press. During operation should always check the oil press cake out of the situation and control the moisture billet is neither too high nor too low. Normally the cake should be flaky, by pressing screw shaft side smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern. If the cake loose weakness, or the cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch became fragments, indicating too little water; If the cake soft, large flake, or the oil bubble, increased, indicating too much water.

Do you warrenty your equipment? Yes. All our equipment comes with a one year warranty against parts breakage. This does not include normal wear and tare, and there is no warranty for parts wearing due to dirt and debris being ran through our Oil Press.

The only parts on the oil press that will normall wear out are the screw, the nozzle, and the crush plate, all of which we have readily available upon request. You can also order extra parts when you purchase your oil press so you can replace them when they wear out without skipping a beat!

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